Commonwealth Poems – Link Poetry Book

Poet penned patriotic poetry, presented picturesequely” – review by award winning poet Adam Levon Brown.

About Book:

Commonwealth Poems is the first-ever collection of Link Poetry poems. Link Poetry – a Loop Poetry spinoff is a newfound form of poetry. Another first is the collection of national anthems across the whole Commonwealth realm in the Link Poetry style.

The patriotism and collective appreciation for the motherland invoked by a national anthem is unparalleled. What is also unparalleled is the presentation of this “poetry book”- where every page is a visual invitation to delve deeper into the world of Link Poetry styled national anthem and the rich values of each country.

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About Author

Ritesh Nigam is a six-word story teller, author, speaker and mental health survivor who burst onto the literary scene some years ago after getting inspired by Ernest Hemingwayโ€™s art of storytelling in six words. He published a book of six-word stories in six days.

Cause of death; drowned in tears – his first six-word story reflects his mental state during struggle.

His current mantra paints a picture of perseverance and positivity:
Within my reach are my dreams.

Thanks to that positive affirmation, Ritesh found Link Poetry while writing about himself and turned it into this path-breaking book.

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