Link Poetry

To write link poetry is to connect.
Connect each line, last word to first.
First comes from last and that’s it.

It is not so hard, after all.

All that is needed is to imagine.
Imagine your uneven castle wall.

Wall away almost every rule.
Rule your new kingdom, here.


link poetry

Link Poetry – a brief history

Link Poetry is a new poetry form created by Ritesh Nigam.

Link poetry uses the most interesting rule from loop poetry and turns it into the central focus, the MVP, the star of the show. The idea of the last word becoming the first word is fun. It’s interesting, just restrictive enough to lead to some creative wordplay, and delightfully rhythmic. But it’s the only rule we need, so let’s make it the main attraction.

πŸ‘‡ Please check our ongoing projects and contests below.

Pandemic Poetry Contest

Linking with each other, thats how scientific community is fighting with this pandemic.

LinkPoetry invite entries to the Pandemic Poetry contest in link poetry form.

Win cash prizes, get published and be recognised as a Link Poet.

Commonwealth Poems Book

National Anthems from all 54 soverign states of the Commonwealth of Nations are presented in Link Poetry style in this book titled Commonwealth Poems.

Ritesh Nigam presents a one-of-a-kind book linking national anthems from the Commonwealth realm on 8th March 2021 when the Commonwealth of Nations celebrate Commonwealth Day.

Latest Link Poetry Poems

Our Mission Statement

Link Poetry aims to bring this unique, innovative and effective form of poetry to the masses.

Masses have embraced short and straight communication, communication which is the key to connect with each other, other form of poetry called Link Poetry.

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