Good found me

A Link Poetry Poem by Ritesh Nigam

With pessimism, I would not have survived,
Survived the days that grew long and dark.
Dark nights and cold days taught me well,
Well enough to make me believe in good.
Good things are always there shining,
Shining like rays from the midday sun.

Sun is what lit up my life and made me see.
“See?” It said. “If you find yourself without hope,
Hope then that light and good will come out from hiding.”
Hiding away never did me any good.
Good then became what I spread,
Spread as far and as wide as I dared to try.

“Try to spread good and hope,
Hope for light when there is none.”
None more so than this,
This became the motto that acted as my guide.
Guide was what I eventually became,
Became for the others around me.
Me, who had only wanted to find good,
Good soon became what I spread myself.

1 thought on “Good found me”

  1. Wonderful and touching words!
    Positive attitude is the ONLY way towards the happier and peaceful life, which further increases chances of success in any endeavor.


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