Waking Dream

A Link Poetry Poem by Ritesh Nigam

She could hear the soothing sweet sounds,
Sounds of muffled giggles, coming round the corner,
Corner so epic, glamorized by high ceiling, and glass walls.
Walls that glittered with polish, and the morning light.

Light penetrated the premises,
Premises that housed servants in the servant quarters,
Quarters separate from the master palace of peace,
Peace that was fought for every night, in passion
Passion that emanated from sweating bodies, in a scented room,
Room positioned away from the two giggly kids.

Kids her center of joy,
Joy that is null in the absence of the handsome knight,
Knight that swept her off her attention feet,
Feet that landed in wealth, splendor, and a loving home.
Home like no other. A soothing place to be,
Be it at night, the cold does not bite that much,
Much of daytime boredom also fades in this realm.

Realm that only exists in the seconds and minutes,
Minutes spent behind iron bars of the prison,
Prison that is her home now, but she survives on her dreams.

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